"I've known Ayesha for almost a year as my Kinesiologist. During lockdown, I needed to start back on my therapy as I was suffering with multiple issues.

I'm so glad that Ayesha could see me via zoom which has been extremely effective and hope to continue this way as I live in London. During my session, Ayesha walked me through my steps which we did together. After my session, I felt the same way as if I'd seen her face to face. Having Ayesha at the end of the phone has been comforting especially during these times. She checks up on how I'm doing which keeps me on track!

I highly recommend her when I speak about my Kinesiology journey. Thank you for your patience and advice. I'm truly grateful and happy I'm on the road to feeling and looking 100% again".

Tasneem, London.

“During this pandemic I really needed to visit my kinesiologist but was not able to, so Ayesha suggested having an online kinesiology appointment. The appointment was really helpful, we discussed everything we would normally do, the only thing different was that you massage yourself! Ayesha was guiding me on how to press each point and after doing my session with her I felt so relaxed and refreshed just like a normal appointment. I found it extremely useful and it motivated me to get back on track.”

Anonymous, Leicester.

Ayesha is warm and welcoming, she listens to you, to get an understanding of what is happening on an emotional level and how that is affecting you physically. She has helped me with overcoming my painful totm and emotional barriers that I had built.

Anonymous, Leicester.

I have certain chronic health conditions and years of trying allopathy and also other holistic treatments such as acupuncture were all proving to be ineffective. I was feeling very despondent and defeated.

A friend suggested I try Kinesiology and signposted me to Ayesha. This was back in December 2019. Since then I have had five sessions at the Balanced Health Clinic. Hand on heart, I am able to say that treatment from Ayesha has made a huge difference to my levels of well-being.

Ayesha herself, is warm, approachable and kind. She demonstrates a passion and deep knowledge in what she does. She is very professional and trustworthy.

Anyone who is serious about taking control of their health and well-being should consider Kinesiology and to this end I would recommend, unreservedly, treatment from Ayesha at her Balanced Health Clinic.

Naseem, Leicester.

My journey with Balanced Health began in 2018. Ayesha came highly recommended and as soon as I met her I felt comfortable and very welcome in her setting. I had no idea what to expect, however her professionalism combined with being treated with care has always left me smiling. She taught me how to be in tune with my body and I haven’t looked back since. I don’t think Ayesha ever stops as she has always been on the other end of the phone when I needed advice. My experience with Balanced Health has been nothing short of excellent. Forever grateful.

Anonymous, Leicester.


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